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Saint Joseph's Basketball Saint Joseph's Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 08, 2017) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TOLEDO 11/12/16 77-76 W 28-NEWKIRK, Shav 8-DEMERY, James 3-NEWKIRK, Shav 2-CLOVER, Chris 2-LODGE, Markel KIMBLE, Lamar BROWN, Charli COLUMBIA 11/14/16 85-65 W 19-KIMBLE, Lamar 6-BAUMANN, Javo 8-KIMBLE, Lamar 2-ROBINSON, Nic 2-BAUMANN, Javo LODGE, Markel vs Loyola Chicago 11/18/16 71-57 W 26-KIMBLE, Lamar 6-BROWN, Charli 3-ROBINSON, Nic 3-BROWN, Charli 1-KIMBLE, Lamar vs Ole Miss 11/20/16 68-81 L 21-NEWKIRK, Shav 7-KIMBLE, Lamar 6-NEWKIRK, Shav 3-NEWKIRK, Shav None vs NC State 11/21/16 63-73 L 23-NEWKIRK, Shav 6-LODGE, Markel 5-NEWKIRK, Shav 3-BROWN, Charli 1-NEWKIRK, Shav NEWKIRK, Shav BAUMANN, Javo LODGE, Markel BROWN, Charli TEMPLE 11/30/16 72-78 L 22-NEWKIRK, Shav 7-BROWN, Charli 9-KIMBLE, Lamar 2-KIMBLE, Lamar 2-LODGE, Markel NEWKIRK, Shav at Villanova 12/03/16 57-88 L 15-KIMBLE, Lamar 10-LODGE, Markel 4-KIMBLE, Lamar 2-CASPER, Brend None NEWKIRK, Shav at Drexel 12/11/16 72-71 W 27-NEWKIRK, Shav 9-BAUMANN, Javo 4-NEWKIRK, Shav 2-CASPER, Brend 2-BAUMANN, Javo at Princeton 12/14/16 76-68 W 19-NEWKIRK, Shav 9-LODGE, Markel 9-KIMBLE, Lamar 4-NEWKIRK, Shav 3-LODGE, Markel at Illinois State 12/18/16 72-81 L 21-NEWKIRK, Shav 7-ROBINSON, Nic 6-KIMBLE, Lamar 1-KIMBLE, Lamar 1-LODGE, Markel NEWKIRK, Shav BROWN, Charli BAUMANN, Javo ROBINSON, Nic LAFAYETTE 12/22/16 92-63 W 24-NEWKIRK, Shav 8-BROWN, Charli 4-NEWKIRK, Shav 3-KIMBLE, Lamar 1-ROBINSON, Nic ROBINSON, Nic LODGE, Markel GEORGE WASHINGTON 12/30/16 68-63 W 13-KIMBLE, Lamar 6-LODGE, Markel 5-KIMBLE, Lamar 3-NEWKIRK, Shav 3-LODGE, Markel BROWN, Charli at Rhode Island 01/03/17 58-88 L 17-DEMERY, James 8-DEMERY, James 4-KIMBLE, Lamar 1-KIMBLE, Lamar 2-BAUMANN, Javo BROWN, Charli CASPER, Brend at Fordham 01/07/17 70-55 W 27-DEMERY, James 9-KIMBLE, Lamar 6-KIMBLE, Lamar 2-KIMBLE, Lamar 1-BAUMANN, Javo BAUMANN, Javo DEMERY, James GEORGE MASON 01/10/17 67-75 L 18-KIMBLE, Lamar 6-BROWN, Charli 2-BROWN, Charli 2-BAUMANN, Javo 1-BAUMANN, Javo DEMERY, James LODGE, Markel RICHMOND 01/14/17 66-70 L 17-KIMBLE, Lamar 8-ROBINSON, Nic 4-KIMBLE, Lamar 1-CASPER, Brend 2-BROWN, Charli DEMERY, James KIMBLE, Lamar ROBINSON, Nic DEMERY, James at Massachusetts 01/18/17 57-62 L 19-DEMERY, James 11-DEMERY, James 3-CLOVER, Chris 2-KIMBLE, Lamar 2-BROWN, Charli KIMBLE, Lamar ROBINSON, Nic PENN 01/21/17 78-71 W 23-KIMBLE, Lamar 9-BROWN, Charli 5-KIMBLE, Lamar 2-CASPER, Brend 2-DEMERY, James at St. Bonaventure 01/24/17 63-67 L 14-KIMBLE, Lamar 6-ROBINSON, Nic 5-KIMBLE, Lamar 1-WILLIAMS, Jai 1-ROBINSON, Nic BROWN, Charli BROWN, Charli KIMBLE, Lamar DEMERY, James LA SALLE 01/28/17 73-72 W 21-CLOVER, Chris 10-DEMERY, James 5-CLOVER, Chris 1-BROWN, Charli 1-BROWN, Charli LODGE, Markel ROBINSON, Nic CLOVER, Chris ROBINSON, Nic DAVIDSON 01/31/17 60-75 L 18-KIMBLE, Lamar 8-CASPER, Brend 4-KIMBLE, Lamar 2-KIMBLE, Lamar 1-ROBINSON, Nic FORDHAM 02/04/17 83-86 OL 24-KIMBLE, Lamar 8-BROWN, Charli 4-KIMBLE, Lamar 3-DEMERY, James 2-ROBINSON, Nic ROBINSON, Nic BROWN, Charli at Dayton 02/07/17 70-77 L 25-KIMBLE, Lamar 9-CASPER, Brend 10-KIMBLE, Lamar 1-LODGE, Markel 2-LODGE, Markel BROWN, Charli MASSACHUSETTS 02/11/17 76-87 L 15-BROWN, Charli 8-BROWN, Charli 6-KIMBLE, Lamar 1-CLOVER, Chris 3-BAUMANN, Javo KIMBLE, Lamar at VCU 02/14/17 81-91 L 21-CLOVER, Chris 11-DEMERY, James 4-ROBINSON, Nic 2-BROWN, Charli 2-LODGE, Markel
Saint Joseph's Basketball Saint Joseph's Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 08, 2017) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WILLIAMS, Jai ROBINSON, Nic at La Salle 02/18/17 68-83 L 18-DEMERY, James 7-DEMERY, James 5-DEMERY, James 2-CLOVER, Chris 1-BAUMANN, Javo BROWN, Charli BROWN, Charli ST. BONAVENTURE 02/22/17 77-83 L 21-DEMERY, James 6-LODGE, Markel 3-CLOVER, Chris 2-CASPER, Brend 4-LODGE, Markel DEMERY, James at Saint Louis 02/25/17 60-61 L 17-CLOVER, Chris 8-WILLIAMS, Jai 7-CASPER, Brend 2-CASPER, Brend 2-BROWN, Charli DEMERY, James WILLIAMS, Jai CLOVER, Chris RHODE ISLAND 03/01/17 49-68 L 13-BROWN, Charli 6-LODGE, Markel 3-CASPER, Brend 3-CASPER, Brend 1-LODGE, Markel DEMERY, James at Duquesne 03/04/17 63-60 W 19-DEMERY, James 6-BROWN, Charli 4-ROBINSON, Nic 2-CASPER, Brend 2-BAUMANN, Javo CLOVER, Chris CASPER, Brend DEMERY, James vs Massachusetts 03/08/17 63-70 L 21-DEMERY, James 11-DEMERY, James 7-ROBINSON, Nic 1-ROBINSON, Nic 1-BAUMANN, Javo