Saint Joseph's student-athletes achieved continued their unparalleled success in the classroom, this time during the Spring 2019 semester as the Hawks posted the highest overall grade-point averages in more than a decade. Individually, a total of 342 student-athletes were named to the SJU Athletic Director's Honor Roll by achieving a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

In addition, 178 students qualified for the Academic Distinction Honor Roll by achieving a 3.5 or higher GPA while 26 student-athletes posted a perfect 4.0 GPA for the semester.

The overall semester GPA for Saint Joseph's Division I student-athletes was a 3.26 and the cumulative GPA was 3.22, numbers which represent the highest in both categories in 24 semesters of recorded data.

The teams that posted the highest grade-point averages in the Spring were women's soccer and men's tennis.

To be listed on the SJU Athletic Director's Honor Roll, a student-athlete must have a 3.0 GPA or better (on a 4.0 scale) for the Summer semester. Saint Joseph's honorees are as follows:

Shannon Addario Women's Track/XC Criminal Justice
Mike Adler Men's Lacrosse Finance
Kyle Allan Men's Soccer Risk Management and Insurance
Tucker Almany Men's Lacrosse Biology
Antonio Amaral Men's Track/XC Pharmaceutical Marketing
Greg Anderson Men's Track Humanities
Jack Anderson Men's Lacrosse Risk Management and Insurance
Levi Anderson Men's Lacrosse Criminal Justice
Jenna Ansell Women's Lacrosse Food Marketing
Jake Artz Baseball Finance
Ashton Ashby Women's Track Elementary Education
Cassidy Atchison Field Hockey Social Science
Briana Baier Women's Track Computer Science
Gabriella Bamford Women's Track/XC English
Rose Barrett Women's Track/XC History
Ally Beck Women's Lacrosse Actuarial Science
Harris Beckmeyer Men's Rowing Business Intelligence & Analytics
Ryan Beebe Men's Soccer Sports Marketing
Katie Begley Women's Rowing Business
Erica Behr Women's Soccer Biology
Grace Bendon Women's Soccer Criminal Justice
Kathrin Bentz Field Hockey Business Administration
Julia Berdzik Women's Rowing Risk Management and Insurance
Paige Bergman Women's Soccer Pharmaceutical Marketing
Max Bernstein Men's Rowing Risk Management and Insurance
Joseph Boehm Men's Soccer Business Intelligence & Analytics
Joshua Bostrom Men's Rowing International Business
Tonya Botherway Field Hockey Sports Marketing
Nathaniela Bourdeau Women's Track Biology
Morgan Bower Women's Soccer, Women's Track Biology
Daniel Boyle Men's Track Interdisciplinary Health Services
Emily Bracken Women's Track/XC Risk Management and Insurance
Justin Branco Men's Track/XC Computer Science
Sinead Brierley Women's Lacrosse Business Administration
Taylor Britt Women's Rowing Finance
David Bryant Men's Track Business Intelligence & Analytics
Ben Bunch Men's Track/XC Food Marketing
Joe Burnham Men's Lacrosse Business
Elke Cacchione Women's Soccer Food Marketing
Morgan Camerlo, Women's Track Psychology
Evan Campbell Men's Lacrosse Finance
John Carluccio Men's Rowing Business
Michaela Cassidy Women's Lacrosse Marketing
Tim Cavanaugh Baseball Finance
Bridget Cerciello Women's Lacrosse Business Intelligence & Analytics
Andrew Chilson Men's Lacrosse Food Marketing
Olivia Clark Women's Rowing International Relations
Michala Clay Women's Basketball Interdisciplinary Health Services
Emily Clayton Women's Track Food Marketing
Zach Cole Men's Lacrosse Accounting
Charlie Concannon Baseball Finance
Paige Conrad Women's Tennis Biology
Fiona Conway Men's Rowing International Business
Jala Cosley Women's Rowing Biology
Andrew Cossetti Baseball Business
Kirstin Cox Softball Autism Behavioral Studies
Collin Crilly Men's Track/XC Finance
Jess Crosby Women's Rowing International Business
Melanie Cunha Women's Soccer Marketing
Johnny Cunningham Men's Soccer Business
Matt Cuppari Baseball Communication Studies
Matt D'Auria Men's Track/XC Accounting
Ira Daly Men's Track/XC Humanities
Jack Daly Men's Track/XC Finance
Ryan Dao Men's Track Business Administration
Jack Darling Men's Rowing Finance
William Darling Men's Rowing Business Intelligence & Analytics
Will Davies Men's Track Risk Management and Insurance
Elizabeth Del Rio Women's Track/XC Chemical Biology
Riley Delaney Women's Lacrosse Interdisciplinary Health Services
Joanna DeSousa Women's Track/XC Pharmaceutical Marketing
Fiona Devine Women's Rowing Interdisciplinary Health Services
Shane Devine Women's Rowing Biology
Paige Diminick Women's Lacrosse Linguistics
Grace Doherty Women's Rowing Elementary Education
Teo Domic Men's Lacrosse Finance
Julia Donahue Women's Track/XC Art
Francesca Donato Women's Lacrosse Pharmaceutical Marketing
Ryan Doran Men's Lacrosse Business
Skylar Dorenkamp Women's Lacrosse Food Marketing
Caroline Duffy Women's Track Food Marketing
Slam Dunkley Men's Rowing Philosophy
Emily Dunn Women's Track/XC Entertainment Marketing
Phillip Dwyer Men's Track Risk Management and Insurance
Sebastian Eaton Men's Track Theatre & Film
Dylan Eddinger Men's Track Entertainment Marketing
Mackenzie Ehresman Women's Soccer Interdisciplinary Health Services
Elaine Estes Women's Track/XC Spanish
Chelsea Evans Softball Communication Studies
Nicholl Fenton Field Hockey Elementary Education
Jackson Fiala Baseball Finance
Andre Fick Men's Tennis Biology
Lauren Figura Women's Lacrosse Interdisciplinary Health Services
Sofia Filippo Women's Soccer Entertainment Marketing
Michaela Finneyfrock Women's Soccer International Business
Nathan Fioravante Men's Tennis Risk Management and Insurance
Whisper Fisher Women's Basketball International Business
Mike Fornaro Men's Soccer Political Science
Alicia Forrest Women's Track Autism Behavioral Studies
Cassie Francis Women's Rowing Pharmaceutical Marketing
Toliver Freeman Men's Basketball Biology
Britton Gagliardi Women's Track/XC Political Science
Ian Gallagher Men's Rowing Accounting
Patrick Ganter Men's Rowing Food Marketing
Rachel Gartner Women's Basketball Org Development & Leadership
Corinne Gerber Field Hockey Elementary Education
Courtney Gerber Field Hockey Elementary Education
Alec Ghodsi Men's Soccer Business Administration
Vincent Giordano Men's Track Finance
Laura Gomez Women's Tennis Marketing
Alexa Gostovich Women's Track/XC Biology
David Grana Men's Soccer Biology
Penny Green Women's Lacrosse Communication Studies
Taryn Grober Softball Food Marketing
Samantha Haines Women's Rowing Interdisciplinary Health Services
Isabella Haleski Women's Rowing International Business
James Hammerstedt Men's Rowing Managing Human Capital
Brittany Hartwell-Miller Women's Soccer Computer Science
Bobby Hastie Men's Track/XC Mathematics
Justin Hawkins Men's Rowing International Relations
Caroline Heath Women's Lacrosse Pharmaceutical Marketing
Joely Helder Field Hockey Food Marketing
Noah Henderson Golf Economics
Amanda Herr Softball Elementary Education
Karley Hess Women's Track Biology
Ashley Hession Softball Elementary Education
Monica Higgins Women's Track/XC Interdisciplinary Health Services
Tommy Higley Men's Track/XC Biology
Madeline Hill Women's Tennis Interdisciplinary Health Services
Jack Hirschfield Men's Soccer Psychology
Rory Houston Men's Track Sports Marketing
Allie Howell Women's Rowing Elementary Education
Sara Hughes Women's Lacrosse Interdisciplinary Health Services
Nicholas Hutchinson Men's Rowing Business Intelligence & Analytics
Tate Hutchinson Men's Lacrosse Finance
Shawn Hutchison Men's Track/XC English
Molly Jacobs Women's Track/XC Food Marketing
Luis Janko Men's Tennis International Business
Katie Jekot Women's Basketball Finance
Tim Johnson Baseball Computer Science
Kylie Judge Women's Rowing Elementary Education
Jansen Kachel Men's Rowing Accounting
Alan Kahlenbeck Men's Soccer Finance
Victoria Kammerinke Field Hockey International Business
Eshan Kanetkar Men's Tennis Risk Management and Insurance
Molly Kapala Softball Accounting
Katie Karpinski Field Hockey Biology
Stephanie Kelly Women's Lacrosse Marketing
Caitlin Kennedy Women's Rowing Biology
Alec Kerr Golf Business Administration
Sophia Kolkka Women's Lacrosse Business
Alex Kramer  Women's Tennis Business Administration
Amanda Kulp Softball Psychology
Kasia Kwitnieski Women's Soccer Biology
Kate LaCasse Women's Rowing Biology
Daryus Lake Men's Soccer Sports Marketing
Rebecca Lane Women's Lacrosse Psychology
Laura Lasprogata Women's Lacrosse Finance
Aaron Lemma Men's Track Interdisciplinary Health Services
Jenna Leonzi Women's Soccer Communication Studies
Tommy Lewis Golf Business Administration
Kelly Liebl Women's Track Economics
Javier Linares Men's Track Business
Olivia Little Women's Lacrosse History
Dillon Lojeski Men's Lacrosse Business Administration
Reece Long Women's Rowing Interdisciplinary Health Services
Hannah Losavio Women's Soccer Finance
Kiernan Loue Women's Rowing History
Cammi Luidens Women's Lacrosse Finance
Garrett Lyons Men's Soccer Business
Mackenzie Macchiarulo Softball Marketing
Derek MacKinnon Men's Soccer Finance
Alex MacNeil Men's Tennis Sports Marketing
Sean Macpherson Men's Track/XC Actuarial Science
Kyle Magee Men's Track Chemistry
Maggie Maguire Women's Track/XC Food Marketing
Alyssa Manley Women's Lacrosse Food Marketing
Zach Mantei Men's Lacrosse Finance
Leon Maric Men's Soccer Communication Studies
Taylor Marinelli Softball Actuarial Science
Brian Markoski Baseball Biology
Ashley Martin Women's Track/XC Business
Avery Marz Women's Basketball Writing Studies
Johnnie Massart Men's Tennis Accounting
Stacey Mayer Softball Marketing
Samantha Mayers Women's Track/XC Sports Marketing
Katie Mayock Women's Basketball Business
Lizzie McBride Women's Lacrosse Food Marketing
Stephen McClellan Men's Track Finance
James McCombs Men's Soccer Sports Marketing
James McConnon Baseball Business Intelligence & Analytics
Barren McCoy Men's Track Accounting
Eddie McCusker Men's Soccer History
Courtney McDonnell Men's Rowing Accounting
Robert McElligott Men's Rowing History
Abigail McGann Women's Track/XC Accounting
Sam McGee Women's Lacrosse Food Marketing
Jon McGrory Men's Track/XC Finance
Tom McGuane Men's Rowing Finance
Erin McGuire Women's Track/XC Elementary Education
Riley McGwin Men's Rowing Business Intelligence & Analytics
Fiona McKee Women's Rowing Interdisciplinary Health Services
Grace McKeon Women's Rowing Communication Studies
Michelle McMillan Softball Food Marketing
James McMonagle Men's Rowing Marketing
Bridget McNierney Women's Track Biology
Carlie Mertz Softball Communication Studies
Jake Meyers Baseball Psychology
Brandon Meyreles Men's Lacrosse Business
Zach Michon Men's Track/XC Interdisciplinary Health Services
Dakota Mills Women's Soccer Business Intelligence & Analytics
Alyssa Monaghan Women's Basketball Elementary Education
Anne Monte Women's Rowing Elementary Education
Audra Montesi Women's Rowing Social Science
Wills Montgomery Golf Business Intelligence & Analytics
Daniel Morales Men's Soccer Biology
Anthony Morelli Men's Track General
Harrison Morris Men's Track/XC Accounting
Justin Moscoe Men's Track Interdisciplinary Health Services
Choice Mostellar Men's Lacrosse Business Intelligence & Analytics
Lani Mouat Women's Lacrosse Business Intelligence & Analytics
Maggie Moyer Women's Track Chemical Biology
Mike Muggeo Men's Basketball Sports Marketing
Shannon Mulgrew Women's Rowing Food Marketing  Co-Op
Matthew Mullin-Garcia Men's Track/XC Political Science
Matt Mullock Men's Soccer Finance
Emma Murphy Women's Lacrosse Marketing
Amanda Nava Women's Tennis Criminal Justice
Taylor Newman-Farr Women's Lacrosse Interdisciplinary Health Services
Devyne Newman Women's Basketball Business
Thi Nguyen Women's Track/XC Biology
Ginikanwa Nkwonta Women's Track Biology
Michael O'Brien Golf Sports Marketing
Slater O'Brien Baseball Finance
Gavin O'Connor Men's Rowing History
Corinne O'Neill Women's Rowing Psychology
Chris Ogden Men's Soccer Marketing
Jordan Olenginski Field Hockey Biology
Lindsey Oremus Women's Track/XC Interdisciplinary Health Services
Colin Parker Men's Track/XC Accounting
Julia Pash Women's Lacrosse Finance
Jason Peacock Men's Rowing Finance
Aleksa Peev Women's Soccer Food Marketing
Anthony Perhacs Men's Lacrosse Business
Cameron Perrott Women's Soccer Biology
Cole Peters Men's Lacrosse Finance
Emily Peters Field Hockey Sociology
Collin Petersen Men's Rowing Humanities
Annelise Peterson Women's Soccer Political Science
Ross Pilliod Golf Leadership Ethics & Organizational Sustainability
Claire Podles Women's Track/XC Interdisciplinary Health Services
John Podles Men's Track/XC Business Intelligence & Analytics
Matt Popeck Men's Lacrosse Business
Brendan Price Men's Track/XC Interdisciplinary Health Services
Sean Princivalle Men's Track/XC Accounting
Hannah Racis Women's Soccer Interdisciplinary Health Services
Jarod Ramses Men's Soccer Pharmaceutical Marketing
Sara Rankin Women's Track/XC Pharmaceutical Marketing
Sophia Recchilungo Women's Track Food Marketing
Joshua Richard Men's Track Computer Science
Richard Riva Golf Risk Management and Insurance
Brendan Roach Baseball International Business
Christian Roberts Men's Track/XC Business Intelligence & Analytics
Trae'  Robinson Men's Track Interdisciplinary Health Services
Hannah Roche Women's Rowing Criminal Justice
Lucas Rollins Baseball Business Administration
Alexa Romanella Women's Rowing Psychology
Taylor Ryan Women's Soccer Marketing
Carly Rybinski Softball Communication Studies
Hayley Sabol Women's Lacrosse Food Marketing
Aidan Sauer Men's Track/XC Business
Sam Sauter Men's Tennis Information Technology
Matthew Scarpill Men's Track/XC Actuarial Science
Beekman Schaeffer Men's Tennis Business Intelligence & Analytics
Emily Schaeffer Women's Track/XC Chemical Biology
Kjel Schlemmer Men's Rowing English
Collin Seabrook Men's Rowing Food Marketing
Caroline Seelig Men's Rowing Pharmaceutical Marketing
Anna Seifert Women's Lacrosse Interdisciplinary Health Services
Hayden Seig Baseball Leadership Ethics & Organizational Sustainability
Stephanie Senatore Women's Rowing Marketing
Gabriella Senni Women's Soccer Elementary Education
Pepa Serrano Field Hockey Communication Studies
Mary Sheehan Women's Basketball Accounting
Victoria Sheldon Women's Track/XC Food Marketing
Morgan Sherman Women's Rowing Psychology
Abigail Silva Women's Track/XC Biology
Demi Simms Women's Rowing Interdisciplinary Health Services
Chris Skermo Baseball Finance
Kaela Smith Women's Lacrosse Food Marketing
Kyle Smith Baseball Finance
Lindsey Smith Women's Lacrosse Interdisciplinary Health Services
Greg Smith Men's Basketball Finance
Zach Smith Men's Track/XC Marketing
Samantha Spallanzani Women's Track Accounting
J.T. Spina Golf Finance
Will Sponaugle Men's Track/XC Business Intelligence & Analytics
Kenzie Staska Women's Lacrosse Marketing
George Steinhoff Men's Track/XC English
Tori Stembridge Women's Track Biology
Cole Stetzar Baseball Sports Marketing
Aliyah Stokes Women's Track Criminal Justice
Ashley Stokes Softball Food Marketing
Brianna Stone Women's Rowing Criminal Justice
Julia Strobel Women's Lacrosse Business
Ana Sulentic Women's Soccer Chemical Biology
Joseph Sullivan Men's Rowing Business Intelligence & Analytics
Olivia Sullivan Women's Rowing Autism Behavioral Studies
Devin Swech Men's Rowing Finance
 Claire Sylvester Field Hockey Food Marketing
Dan Tan Men's Tennis Finance
Olivia Tevis Women's Lacrosse Accounting
Nate Thomas Baseball Sports Marketing
Monica Tice Field Hockey Food Marketing
Nathaniel Tobey Men's Rowing Accounting
Kendal Trickey Women's Soccer Biology
Matt Tufano Men's Lacrosse Finance
Dana Turner Field Hockey Business Intelligence & Analytics
Sammy Tush Women's Lacrosse Communication Studies
Meridith Twomey Women's Track/XC Accounting
Michaela Urbach Women's Track/XC Marketing
Gabrielle Vagnozzi Women's Soccer Communication Studies
Alexa Valunas Women's Rowing Business
Brian Vance Baseball Food Marketing
Sarah Veilleux Women's Basketball Business Intelligence & Analytics
Iswarya Vel Women's Tennis Biology
Ashley Ventura Softball Psychology
Nick Vernacchio Men's Lacrosse Finance
Lou Vilotti Men's Soccer Food Marketing
Sean Voelkel Men's Lacrosse Finance
Jessica Volm Women's Soccer Pharmaceutical Marketing
Kayla Walker Field Hockey Interdisciplinary Health Services
Bryce Wallace Men's Soccer Actuarial Science
Erica Wallace Women's Soccer Marketing
Aidan Watkins Men's Soccer Finance
Amber Weedon Women's Lacrosse Interdisciplinary Health Services
Michael Welde Men's Track Finance
Asia Whittenberger Women's Soccer Sociology
Anna Willocks Field Hockey Psychology
Veronica Wilson Women's Lacrosse Accounting
Reed Winkler Golf Sports Marketing
Jack Yeager Men's Rowing Marketing