Saint Joseph's field hockey assistant coach Martu Loncarica has been selected by the WeCoach organization as its Coach of the Month for October.

Loncarica returned to the Hawk coaching staff this season after two years at William and Mary.  Prior to her stint with the Tribe, she spent two seasons on Hawk Hill as a volunteer assistant.

WeCoach is an organization dedicated to the recruitment, advancement, and retention of women coaches of all sports and levels.  The WeCoach Coach of the Month "honors a coach who has been successful on or off the field, and exemplifies the characteristics of a strong female role model: resilient, innovative, passionate, authentic, selfless, and inspiring."

The organization partners with the NCAA to sponsor the NCAA Women Coaches Academy, which consists of four days of educational training available to NCAA coaches of all experience levels who seek to increase their individual effectiveness by learning advanced skills and strategies that directly affect their personal and team success.  Loncarica took part in the program in 2016, while assistant coach Liz Sack was part of the WCA this past summer.

At the WCA, coaches focus on off-the-field concepts, a mission that suits Loncarica's coaching style well.

"I believe that being authentic, honest, caring, and ambitious have been some of the keys for my development as a coach," she told WeCoach.  "I strive to create connections with the players, getting to know and understand them as individuals, which allows me to coach them better.  Nothing touches my heart more than building a trusting relationship.  From there coaching is fun, because you are invested in them as people. I love helping players and teams succeed, but having a positive impact on their lives off the field is what I consider one of my greatest accomplishments."

"We are honored and proud of Martu!" Saint Joseph's head coach Lynn Farquhar said.  "Martu is well deserving of the WeCoach recognition; she is an inspirational and passionate leader who shares her best self with us everyday."

Loncarica's interview with WeCoach is featured on the organization's website.