The Saint Joseph’s women’s rowing team battled a strong field and difficult conditions at the Cherry Hill Invitational on the Cooper River on Saturday, but came out with solid results.


The crews were faced with a 90-minute lightning delay and a strong headwind.

SJU’s Varsity 8 won the 3rd Level Final after just missing qualifying for the Petite Final.

The Hawks Varsity 4 advanced to the Grand Final and finished sixth, while the Second Varsity 8 placed second in the Petite Final after battling Georgetown all the way down the course.

The Freshman 8 finished second in its final andl then raced again in the Third Varsity 8.

“It was the strong field that we have faced so far this season and we battled very hard. We would love to have another shot at this field in normal conditions,” said head coach Gerry Quinlan.

Saint Joseph’s boatings were:

V8: c- Shannon Mulgrew; 8- AnnaMaria Lavecchia; 7- Demi Simms; 6- Morgan Sherman; 5- Corinne O'Neill; 4- Shane Devine; 3- Grace McKeon; 2- Reece Long; 1- Cassie Francis

2V8: c- Jess Crosby; 8- Fiona McKee; 7- Teresa Crosby; 6- Steph McKenna; 5- Isabella Haleski; 4- Olivia Sullivan; 3- Allie Howell; 2- Anne Monte; 1- Sam Haines

V4: c- Caitlin Kennedy; 4- Kylie Judge; 3- Stephanie Senatore; 2- Samantha O’Connell; 1- Julia Berzdik

3V8: c- Alexa Romanella; 8- Alexa Valunas; 7- Olivia Clark; 6- Katie Begley; 5- Jala Cosley; 4- Catie Moffett; 3- Lauren Nicholas; 2- Taylor Britt; 1- Grace Doherty

The Hawks will compete for the city championship next weekend at the Kerr Cup, on April 27 on the Schuylkill River.