The Saint Joseph's men's lacrosse program will recognize its three graduating seniors leading up to the regular-season home finale against Wagner this Saturday, April 20. Today's senior spotlight will feature captain Thomas Tarleton, who has overcome injuries to become an every-game, starting close defenseman for the Crimson and Gray this spring.

"He's definitely my best friend," said senior classmate Thomas LaRose. "Tarleton always helps me get relaxed, helps me be in the moment. He's a genuine dude and one of the nicest guys I've been able to be around. He's encouraging, and a good guy."

"Tom is one of the funniest kids I have met in my time at St. Joe's," added fellow senior Zach Hare. "Anytime you walk over and talk to him in the locker room, he is sure to make you laugh and put a smile on your face. On top of that, Tom is a great friend and teammate but an even better leader for the program. I am going to miss suiting up with Tom everyday, but I'm looking forward to summer weekends at Spring Lake with him and the fellas."

Tarleton's reflections:

1. What is your favorite Saint Joseph’s lacrosse memory?
I would say my favorite lacrosse memory has to be our Hobart win this year. The only people that knew we could pull of the win was ourselves. For our team being so young, to win in overtime like that made everything that much more special. Celebrating with my teammates and the alumni on the sideline is something that I will never forget for my entire life.

2. How would you like to be remembered as a member of the Saint Joseph’s lacrosse team?
I want to be remembered as a good teammate. Throughout my career with this team, I realized how important it is to just be a good person. When it is all said and done, I want my teammates and coaches to think of me as someone who left this program better than I found it.

3. Describe the relationship of this senior class.
It’s a special relationship that this senior class has. Obviously, we probably have one of the smallest senior classes in the country, but we also probably have the closest. Zach and Tom are some of the closest friends I have, and I know I will stay close with them for years to come. Seeing a lot of our friends part ways with the team was always tough, but I think that in those down times, it brought us even closer.

4. What will you miss the most about Saint Joseph’s lacrosse?
I’m going to miss the guys the most. Being able to show up to the locker room and see everyone laughing and joking around is something I will cherish forever. Whether you are having a good or bad day, walking into that locker room is always a bright spot of the day. The kids on this team are special, and there is nothing I would ever trade for it.

5. What has being a member of the Saint Joseph’s lacrosse program taught you?
Being a member of the Saint Joseph’s lacrosse team has taught me that in life, you gotta roll with the punches. Throughout my career here, there has been some of the highest of highs and some lows that had set me back a bit. But in the end of it, life still goes on, and it is how you respond to the adversity that you face. St. Joe’s has turned me into a stronger person.

6. What will you take out of your involvement with the Saint Joseph's lacrosse program moving forward?
The work ethic is something that I will carry on with me. The moment you step onto campus, the coaches teach you a way about doing things that stick with you for a long time. You start to realize how important time management is with balancing lacrosse and school work; being on a schedule starts to become second nature. Moving into the working world will be a much easier transition than it would be without exposure to this program.

7. What is your funniest Saint Joseph's memory?
My funniest Saint Joseph’s moment has to be our dinner at Robert Morris my freshman year. It was getting towards the end of the dinner and all of a sudden, the waiters started to sing 'Happy Birthday.' What was weird about the whole thing was that no one’s birthday was that day, but eventually they delivered the cupcake to LaRose’s table. LaRose, needless to say, was extremely confused. It was such a funny moment because no one ever admitted to telling the waiter to do this. He is still out there.


Thank you, seniors. The Hawk Will Never Die!

FEATURE: The average number of seniors on each roster across the NCAA Division I 73 men's lacrosse programs this spring is nine. There are 44 teams with nine or more seniors on their 2019 roster. This spring, Saint Joseph's fields a roster with the smallest four-year senior class among all Division I programs that did not start up within the last three seasons. But if we're looking at what matters on the youngest team during eighth-year head coach Taylor Wray's tenure - a leadership presence that has bought into the culture of the Hawk Hill way - it really doesn't matter that there are only two four-year seniors in the Class of 2019 to guide a roster comprised of 85% freshmen and sophomores. Senior midfielder Thomas LaRose and senior close defenseman Thomas Tarleton are more than enough. Check out the feature here.