The Saint Joseph's men's lacrosse program will recognize its three graduating seniors leading up to the regular-season home finale against Wagner this Saturday, April 20. Today's senior spotlight will feature midfielder Thomas LaRose, who scored big goals against Monmouth, Drexel, and Robert Morris this spring.

"Tom is an absolute workhorse, and a team-first player," said fellow senior Zach Hare. "You can tell Tom always tries to bring the best out of himself and the rest of the team through his work ethic. It has been an honor to suit up again with Tom and run some shifts with him on the same mid-line. Tom has been a great teammate to me throughout my career, but an incredible friend off the field. What I'll miss the most about Tom is screaming his last name after he makes a play on the field... LAROSE!!!"

"He's my best friend," added senior classmate Thomas Tarleton. "He knows me more than anybody else at this school. We've definitely been through some tough times, but he always has my back no matter what. He's such a genuinely nice kid, and as unfortunate as it is to not be with those 13 guys that we started with as freshmen, I'm truly happy I'm with him. It's been awesome."

LaRose's reflections:

1.What is your favorite Saint Joseph’s lacrosse memory?
My favorite Saint Joseph's lacrosse memory was when we took down Drexel for the first time in 17 years.  It was a terrific team win with a dramatic ending in the final seconds. It is a game I'll never forget.

2. How would you like to be remembered as a member of the Saint Joseph’s lacrosse team?
I would like to be remembered as a great teammate who never took a practice or a game off. I want to be seen as a guy who pushed his teammates around him to be the best players they could be.  

3. Describe the relationship of this senior class.
The relationship between this senior class is very unique. I don't know how many programs have three seniors. We all care a lot about each other and we have been through a lot which created a very special bond between the three of us. We are all great friends and most of our day is spent with each other either during lacrosse or just hanging out back at home.

4. What will you miss the most about Saint Joseph’s lacrosse?
It is hard to pick what I'll miss the most, but away trips and especially team dinners will be something I will miss. Nothing like enjoying a great chicken parm dinner with your teammates. I really got to know the guys well during away trips, and being able to enjoy a great meal while being with your best friends is certainly something I will miss.

5. What has being a member of the Saint Joseph’s lacrosse program taught you?
Being a member of SJU lacrosse has taught me some great life lessons. It has taught me the lessons of hard work and sacrifice. Over the course of my four years, I have needed to make sacrifices in my own personal life so that I could show up to practice every day to benefit the team. Sacrifice and hard work are two things that I'll always place a high emphasis on in my life because of my career at Saint Joseph's. 

6. What will you take out of your involvement with the Saint Joseph's lacrosse program moving forward?
Something that I will take out of my involvement with the Saint Joseph's University lacrosse team is that life is all about being the best version of yourself. We have always been tested on our strength and conditioning, and the main focus was to always see how you, as a player, have improved from year to year.

7. What is your funniest Saint Joseph's memory?
My funniest SJU lacrosse memory is when we went axe throwing as a team over spring break in 2018. I could not hit the target to save my life, and Nicky Buckley '18 was in my ear making fun of me. The whole team really enjoyed, and we all could not stop laughing.


Thank you, seniors. The Hawk Will Never Die!

FEATURE: The average number of seniors on each roster across the NCAA Division I 73 men's lacrosse programs this spring is nine. There are 44 teams with nine or more seniors on their 2019 roster. This spring, Saint Joseph's fields a roster with the smallest four-year senior class among all Division I programs that did not start up within the last three seasons. But if we're looking at what matters on the youngest team during eighth-year head coach Taylor Wray's tenure - a leadership presence that has bought into the culture of the Hawk Hill way - it really doesn't matter that there are only two four-year seniors in the Class of 2019 to guide a roster comprised of 85% freshmen and sophomores. Senior midfielder Thomas LaRose and senior close defenseman Thomas Tarleton are more than enough. Check out the feature here.