The Saint Joseph’s men’s rowing team got the 2019 season off to a strong start as the Hawks scored wins in the Varsity 8 and the Third Varsity 8 against both Georgetown and Hobart on the Schuylkill River.

The Hawks started the day facing off against Georgetown, with the first and third boats scoring wins. SJU then closed out the day’s racing with the same exact results against Hobart.



“It was a perfect day for fast racing on the Schuylkill - low current, slight tail breeze, and flat water. It felt good to finally see everyone in racing uniforms instead of practice gear,” said head coach Mike Irwin. “Four wins in six races is a day that helps us know we are heading in the right direction. The battle in the middle 1000 meters of both First Varsity races was really fun to watch. Team #65 needed to learn about the will to keep fighting for a win and we were able to accomplish that today.”

SJU’s lineups for the meet were:

1V8: c- Caroline Seelig, 8- Jack Darling, 7- Devin Swech, 6- Justin Aikens, 5- Kjel Schlemmer, 4- Max Bernstein, 3- Joe Sullivan, 2- Justin Hawkins, 1- Riley McGwin

2V8: c- John Carluccio, 8- Mike Geoghegan, 7- Mike Fedele, 6- Collin Seabrook, 5- Slam Dunkley, 4- Collin Petersen, 3- Gavin O'Connor, 2- Will Darling, 1- James Hammerstedt

3V8: c- Alex Mayo, 8- Jason Peacock, 7- Harris Beckmeyer, 6- Josh Bostrom, 5- Jansen Kachel, 4- Will Sims, 3- Nick Hutchinson, 2- Tommy McGuane, 1- Rob McElligott

The Hawks will be back in action on the Schuylkill River on Saturday April 20 at the Kerr Cup.