The Saint Joseph's men's rowing team had a banner day in a soaking rain at the Dad Vail Regatta, taking home two gold medals and one silver, marking the most medals since 2010. SJU's posted its highest ever Varsity 8 finish (second) since the 1999 crew grabbed a silver.

SJU's men finished third in the team standings with 22 points, behind Delaware (36) and Drexel (28). The Hawks' men's and women's teams combined to finish third in the overall standings with 42 points, behind Drexel (56) and Delaware (51).

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The Hawks' Second Varsity 8 and Third Varsity 8 each garnered gold medals. The Second Varsity 8 outdistanced Virginia, clocking a time of 5:47.86 to capture the Ernie Bayer Trophy. It was SJU's first win in the 2V8 since 2005. The crew was comprised of: c- Jenn Reynolds; 8- Jack Darling; 7- Joe Sullivan; 6- Matt Conlin; 5- Kevin Lichtenfels; 4- Devin Swech; 3- Andrew O'Connor; 2- Eric Jones; 1- James Hammerstedt.

The Third Varsity 8 finished in 6:19.60 to best Drexel for its second consecutive medal, after last year's crew took a bronze, for the school's first-ever win in that event. The Hawks' lineup was: c- Fiona Conway; 8- Justin Hawkins; 7- David Gee; 6- Justin Aikens; 5- Trevor Tuthill; 4- Josh Bostrom; 3- Bobby Lojewski; 2- Michael Thompson; 1- Julian Palermo.

The Varsity 8 placed second to Drexel in 5:45.38 for SJU's first medal in the featured event since the 1970 team took gold. The Hawks' silver-medal winning crew was comprised of: c- Caroline Bird; 8- Matt Ladd; 7- Keenan Perry; 6- Garren Best; 5- Riley McGwin; 4- Dave Wong; 3- Slam Dunkley; 2- Thomson Rymer; 1- Claudio Recchilungo.

"It was a great day for the Hawk men and women! Our three medals combined with two for the women makes for a crazy day at the boathouse," said head coach Mike Irwin. "I am thrilled with the way our lower boats competed and it is still sinking in that we were able to win the 2V8 and 3V8 by open water. I am so proud of how the 1V8 battled for the silver medal after we had a few strokes we would like to do over."

"Our alumni and families turned out in force despite the weather and the change to an early race schedule. We wouldn't have been able to do it without everyone's support. We hope our season will extend with an invitation to the men's national championship in June."

SJU's Varsity 4 earned a fourth-place finish, with Delaware earning the win. The Hawks' lineup was: c- Alec Galimi, 4- Rob McCullough, 3- Brian Clancy; 2- Mike Geoghegan; 1- Nick O'Malley.

Saint Joseph's Freshman 8 won the Petite Final with a crew of: c- Courtney McDonnell; 8- Patrick Ganter; 7- Eddie Blackburn, 6- Tommy McGuane; 5-Sam Ferrizzi; 4- Joel Ridd; 3- Mark White; 2- John Thompson; 1- Jansen Kachel.