The Saint Joseph’s women’s rowing team was led by the Second Varsity 8 at the 2019 Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta.


That boat won the Second Final as it posted a time of 6:42.56 to defeat A-10 foe Duquesne, using a great row to beat the field by more than a length in open water. “We are looking forward to seeing what they can do at A-10s,” said head coach Gerry Quinlan.

The crews faced a strong headwind and chop in Friday’s races but perfect conditions on Saturday.

“We had some ups and downs. We are very young across the board and we learned a lot this weekend, just in time to taper down for the A10s next Saturday, “ said the coach.

The Hawks had three boats compete in the Third Finals, with the Freshman 8 finishing second in its race, the Varsity 8 taking third place and the Varsity 4 placing fourth.

The Varsity 8 struggled in Friday’s conditions to reach the Third Final. On Saturday, they hit a buoy off the start to lose an oar, but got it right back and fought hard through the finish, coming through the field to battle for the lead and finish a strong third.

The Freshman 8, comprised of walk-ons, had three solid rows during the regatta while the Varsity 4 also had three very good races and just missed qualifying for the Petite Final.

SJU’s boatings were:

V8: c- Shannon Mulgrew; 8- Shane Devine; 7- Demi Simms; 6- Annamaria Lavecchia; 5- Cassie Francis; 4-Morgan Sherman; 3- Grace McKeon; 2- Reece Long; 1- Corinne O’Neill

2V8: c- Jess Crosby; 8- Anne Monte; 7- Teresa Crosby; 6- Fiona McKee; 5- Allie Howell; 4- Olivia Sullivan; 3- Julia Berdzik; 2- Samantha O’Connell; 1- Sam Haines

V4: c- Caitlin Kennedy; 4- Kylie Judge; 3- Steph Senatore; 2- Alexa Valuna; Kate LaCasse

F8: c- Alexa Romanella; 8- Katie Begley; 7- Jala Cosley; 6- Taylor Britt; 5- Olivia Clark; 4- Catie Moffett; 3-Grace Doherty; 2- Audra Montesi; 1- Lauren Nicholas

The Hawks will compete for the Atlantic 10 Championship on Saturday, May 18 at Cooper River.