The Saint Joseph’s women’s rowing team placed third overall in the Washington College Invitational and posted a first-place finish in the Varsity 4. The Hawks finished behind Wellesley and the host crew in the team standings.

The Hawks’ Varsity 4 won their event going away in a strong race, leading from the start. The lineup was: c- Caitlin Kennedy; 4- Kylie Judge ; 3- Julia Berdzik; 2- Steph McKenna; 1- Kate LaCasse

SJU's V8 and 2V8 both competed in the Varsity 8 event and both advanced to the Grand Final. At the halfway point it was four boats across until SJU "A" and Wellesley separated from the pack coming through the 750-meter mark. In the last 300 meters, SJU and Wellesley were in a great battle for first place until the Hawks caught an over-the-head crab and lost position.  

“We raced very well across the board and had great execution. Crabs happen - Maryland is know for them. But we showed great grit and learned a lot this week and weekend.  I feel like this is a turning point for our season," said coach Gerry Quinlan.

The 3V8/Freshman 8 had another come-from-behind win in the 2V8 Petite Final after a great battle in the heat.


Varsity 8: c- Jess Crosby; 8- Fiona McKee; 7- Demi Simms; 6- Shane Devine; 5- Grace McKeon; 4- Annamaria Lavecchia; 3- Corinne O'Neill; 2- Reece Long; 1-Cassie Francis

2nd Varsity 8: c- Shannon Mulgrew; 8- Anne Monte; 7- Teresa Crosby; 6- Morgan Sherman; 5- Isabella Haleski; 4- Olivia Sullivan; 3- Allie Howell; 2- Samantha O'Connell; 1- Samantha Haines

3rd Varsity 8: c- Sarah Vest; 8- Katie Begley; 7- Olivia Clark; 6- Alexa Valunas; 5- Jala Cosley; 4- Catie Moffett; 3- Hannah Roche; 2- Grace Doherty; 1- Lauren Nicholas

The Hawks will return to action in two weeks at the GW Invitational, on April 12-13.