NEWARK, Del. – Members of the Saint Joseph's men's and women's tennis teams took part in the annual "My Blue Duffel" event held at the University of Delaware's Bob Carpenter Center earlier this month.  The event is sponsored by the Kind to Kids Foundation and is aimed at easing the transition into foster care for children in need.

Volunteers made blankets and filled blue duffel bags with supplies to comfort children that are going through the difficult transition into the foster care system.  Things such as books, crayons, socks, and teddy bears were placed in the bags along with a personal note; the bags will be distributed by a number of Delaware authorities to children entering foster care.

Junior Scott Battaglia has been volunteering at the event since his high school days.

“We all realize how fortunate we all are to be in college, and some kids just don’t have the opportunities we do. So any time we can help out, it really makes a difference. We love doing community service; that’s part of our mantra at Saint Joseph's," he told Town Square Delaware.

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