Saint Joseph's Varsity 4-B earned a win, while the Varsity 8 took second at the annual Kelly Cup, the city championship on the Schuylkll River.

The Varsity 4-B was comprised of:  c- Paige Cesky; 4- Taylor Mason; 3- Aleena Yobbi; 2- Emily Coldren; 1- Katie Comerer.

The Hawks' Second Varsity 8 finished third in its race, while the Varsity 4 took fourth.

SJU's lineups were:

VARSITY 8: c- Myra McCann; 8- Amanda McEvoy; 7- Taylor Biesiada; 6- Maura Mahoney; 5- Brittany Stokes; 4- Emily Serkes; 3- Maura Daly; 2- Nicola ODonnell; 1- Alexa Lawson

2ND VARSITY 8; c- Mary Kate Gibbons; 8- Maggie Mueller; 7- Elizabeth Parker; 6- Delaney McGuire; 5- Maddy Kuntz; 4- Kelly Rupert; 3- Anjelica Grebenschikoff; 2- Angie Smith; 1- Angie Nocella

FRESHMAN 8: c- Alana Storr; 8- Ashley Varghese; 7- Colleen Tritt; 6- Emma Callahan; 5- Eileen Welsh; 4- Johnna McGovern; 3- Margot Merrill; 2- Emily Hicken; 1- Sarah Donahue.

VARSITY 4: c- Nazel Malhani, 4- Ashley Vargese, 3- Colleen Tritt, 2- Emma Callahan; 1- Eileen Welsh

Saint Joseph's will next be in action at the Atlantic 10 Championships on May 4. The championship will be held at a new site this year, on the Occoquan Reservoir in Fairfax Station, Va.