All Saint Joseph's University student athletes train out the newly renovated Varsity Weight Room.  The weight room has taken on a significant change after being converted from the campus rec center to a varsity only facility.  The room boasts five 9ft Hammer Strength HD Elite Power Racks, 5 Hammer Strength Half Racks, and two UCS Half Racks.  The room also contains custom dumb bells, and several pieces of Hammer Strength and Pendulum equipment which allows the coaches to add variety to the athlete's workout.  The SJU Strength Staff also have several pieces of nontraditional equipment include 5 Prowler Sleds, 10 battle ropes and other Strongman implements.  The room was designed to handle more than one team, and by utilizing all equipment and space available the strength staff can train each team specifically to their needs.

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The Saint Joseph's University Strength and Conditioning philosophy is to create safe, progressive and comprehensive strength and conditioning programs that prepare student-athletes to compete at the highest level. This is done by designing sport-specific programs  that maximize the student-athlete's performance.  Each program is based on orthopedically safe, physiologically sound exercises and comprehensive total body training.  By systematically and progressively overloading the muscles trained and holding each athlete accountable for each repetition of each exercise of every workout, the program ensures consistent gains in strength and power.  The focus is to teach the athlete to produce maximal force and effort repeatedly for within a given period of time.  Additionally, by holding each athlete accountable and expecting them to train with intensity and focus, our program will also improve the mental toughness of every athlete that is trained, giving them more confidence in difficult situations. 

Brian Bingaman (Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Men's Lacrosse, Women's Soccer) is in his fourth year as the Hawks' first full-time strength and conditioning coach. He also sets the Hawks' nutrition program and provides guidance year-round. Prior to coming to SJU, he served in the same position at La Salle for five years, and had stints at Duquesne and Penn State. A native of Northumberland, Pa., he was an Honorable Mention All-America in football at Bloomsburg University, graduating in 2003. He earned his master's degree in health education from Penn State in 2008 and owns certification from the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association in both SCCC (Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified) and United States Weightlifting (Level 1 Club Coach). He and his wife, Colleen, reside in Springfield, Pa., with their son, Bryce.

Ben Steenrod (Baseball, Softball, Field Hockey, Women's Lacrosse, Men's Soccer) is in his third year at Saint Joseph's, but his first as a full-time assistant. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2008 and worked with the strength and conditioning staffs at both Virginia Tech and Villanova. He is originally from Charlotte, N.C., and is currently pursuing his master's degree at Saint Joseph's. Steenrod is certified as a Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting.