PHILADELPHIA - The Saint Joseph's men's lacrosse team will blog throughout the 2013 fall season to keep fans up to date with current happenings on and off the field. Follow along here!

Entry 5 - Will Abbott (11/26/13)
As we head home for Thanksgiving break, the fall improvement is starting to come to an end. We have worked extremely hard on the field, in the weight room, and in the classroom. As Matthew Sarcona stated in the previous blog post, we have been lifting four times a week as well as conditioning and doing speed work at least two times a week. We have also been having skill sessions, and in the most recent weeks, we have been playing six on six to apply the different fundamentals and strategies we were working on in the earlier skill sessions. We have also been working on our stick skills by completing different wall routines that our coaches give us. It has been great to see the improvement we have made over the last six weeks.

With the semester coming to an end, we will be testing again during the last week of classes to see how much improvement we have actually made. Our testing consist of multiple exercises both in the weight room as well as on the turf. This will be a great way to measure the progress we have made going into winter break as we prepare for our season starting in January. We also have an inter-squad scrimmage, and the winning team of the scrimmage will eat steaks cooked by Coach Wray at his house during our annual Christmas Party. The losers will have to eat hot dogs and sausages. This is an event we look forward and it is a great way to come together before we head into winter break.

As a senior, this has been the most challenging fall improvement season I have experienced in my four years at SJU, and it makes me even that more excited for our inaugural season in the NEC. We are all stronger, faster, and more conditioned than we were at the start of the fall, and this fall improvement has prepared us well for what we will experience in the spring.