PHILADELPHIA - The Saint Joseph's men's lacrosse team will blog throughout the 2013 fall season to keep fans up to date with current happenings on and off the field. Follow along here!

Entry 4 - Matthew Sarcona (11/4/13)
We are now into the full swing of the fall improvement season in which our week looks a little different. Instead of having practice six days a week. we can only play in groups for two hours a week. We have split up into two different skill sessions that work on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. During these skill sessions, we have taken a holistic approach to learning and re-learning basic fundamentals and offensive and defensive strategies in order to be prepared for the spring. This time of year is always exciting because it is the time where we can individually focus on the areas we have to improve on and put in the extra work we have to do to get better.      

Along with the skill sessions, we have speed and conditioning sessions three times a week during our old practice time, as well as weight-room training four days a week. Speed and strength is an area that we are all motivated to improve in, and our progress in the weight room has already shown tremendously after just three weeks. Overall, I think our energy has been great during every session, and I believe this group is the most eager group to get better that we’ve had so far during my three years here.