NCAA Rules for Alumni, Family and Friends

Saint Joseph's University is constantly searching for outstanding student-athletes. Saint Joseph's graduates, Hawk fans, or others who have promoted Saint Joseph's athletics, financially or otherwise, are considered to be a representative of the athletics interests of the University (a booster). As a representative of Saint Joseph's athletics interests, we want to make you aware of NCAA rules by which you must abide.

This page spells out several NCAA rules as they apply to you. To maintain the pride and integrity of Saint Joseph's athletics, and to protect the eligibility of the prospects and enrolled student-athletes, we ask that you read and abide by these rules.

If you have dealings with or know of a young man or woman who is interested in Saint Joseph's University athletics, refer them to the appropriate coach. As always, your support and contributions are a valuable part of our athletics program here at Saint Joseph's. When in doubt, please contact the Athletic Department at 610-660-1707.

Jill Bodensteiner
Director of Athletics

NCAA BYLAW states:

In Division I, representatives of an institution's athletics interests are prohibited from making in-person on- or off-campus recruiting contacts, or having written or telephonic communications with a prospect or the prospect's relatives or legal guardians.

A student is considered a prospect once he/she enters the ninth grade, regardless of athletic ability. Also, a younger student who receives any recruiting benefits from the institution would be considered a prospect.


Telephone Conversation
You may speak to a prospective student-athlete via the telephone only if he/she initiates the conversation and the call is not for recruiting purposes. Under such circumstances, you must refer questions about the institution's athletic programs to the athletic department staff.

Observing Prospect's Contest
You may view a prospect's athletic contest on your own initiative, subject to the understanding that you may not contact the prospect on such occasions.

Evaluation of a Prospect
You may not visit the prospect's coach, principal or counselor in an attempt to evaluate the prospect.

Visiting Prospect's Institution
You may not visit a prospect's educational institution to pick up film or transcripts pertaining to the evaluation of the prospect's academic eligibility or athletic ability.

In-Person Contact
You are prohibited from making in-person (on- or off-campus) recruiting contact with a prospect, his or her parents or legal guardians.

Sending Newspaper Reports About Prospects
You may send articles about promising prospects from your area. This is helpful to our coaches who may not otherwise hear about these prospects.

Established Contacts
If you have a previously established relationship with a prospect and/or his/her family prior to their interest in Saint Joseph's, you may continue this relationship, but you may not, in any way, recruit the prospect for an athletic team at Saint Joseph's.


Extra Benefits
You may not provide any extra benefit to an enrolled student-athlete or his/her family. An extra benefit includes transportation (provided to a student-athlete and/or his/her family to dinner in a restaurant), a loan of money, a gift of material value, not charging for professional services or any other benefit not available to students on the same basis. DO NOT TREAT AN ATHLETE DIFFERENTLY than you would any other student.

Employment of Enrolled Student-Athletes
Student athletes are permitted to work while enrolled at Saint Joseph's. The student-athlete must receive approval from the appropriate administrator of the athletic department and adhere to NCAA employment guidelines. If you have an employment opportunity for student-athletes, please contact the athletic department at (610) 660-1707.

Promotional Activities
Use of a student-athlete's name, picture, or appearance to support any activities requires the signature of the student-athlete and the authorized representative of the event on a release statement that requires written approval from the Director of Athletics. Forms must be obtained from the athletic department.

Occasional Meals
Athletics representatives may provide an enrolled student-athlete or an entire team with an occasional family meal. The occasional meal may be catered, but must be provided in an individual's home and must be restricted to infrequent and special occasions. Transportation, by the representative, may be provided to the student-athletes.

Questions regarding NCAA rules, especially those relating to boosters and prospective student-athletes, can be directed to the athletic department. If you know of a prospective student-athlete who might be interested in Saint Joseph's University, contact the appropriate coach. A listing of athletic administrators and the current head coaches can be found on the Saint Joseph's University athletic department web site's "Athletic Staff" page, or you can phone the athletic department at (610) 660-1707.