Saint Joseph's Student-Athletes

This page contains information for Saint Joseph's Student-Athletes.  Questions should be directed to:

Renie Shields - Associate Athletic Director/Director for Compliance Services
Phone: 610-660-2584
Fax: 610-660-1716

Ken Krimmel - Assistant Director for Compliance Services
Phone: 610-660-1729
Fax: 610-660-1716

Important Websites/Documents


Student-Athlete Handbook


SJU Financial Aid

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - SJU school code=003367

Educational Support Services for Student-Athletes 

Official Visit Guidelines - Student Host

Unofficial Visit Guidelines - Student Host

Complimentary Admissions - Men's and Women's Basketball Student-Athletes

SJU Drug Testing Policy (PDF)

SJU Sexual Misconduct Policy

SJU Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation

Athletics Code of Conduct

Ten Commitments of the SJU Student-Athlete

Social Media Policy and Guidelines

Interim Sports Wagering Policy


NCAA Website

NCAA Amateurism

Transfer Student-Athletes


NCAA "Don't Bet on It" - Sports Wagering

NCAA Drug Testing Program

NCAA Banned Drugs List