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Jenkins: Firing on all Cylinders

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By: Chris Jenkins

This year has been a big step up from the last few years for the men on the team. We have been practicing harder, lifting more, and conditioning like never before. The team has been attacking every workout and practice session with an enthusiasm and drive that was definitely lacking in the last few years.

We look forward to showcasing all the hard work in the upcoming headstrong tournament next weekend. Coach Wray and coaches Mike Keating and Dan Keating have done a great job preparing us for our games against Michigan and Mount Saint Mary's. We have improved so much just over the last few weeks that it is very exciting to see what will be able to do this season. The team on the field next weekend will look much different. We hope that this tournament will be the building block to the beginning of a very successful season for St. Joe's Lacrosse.

On a different note, we have begun doing weekly community service at several locations around campus to give back to the Philadelphia community. My service group has been visiting the Simpson House Retirement Home. It has been a great experience thus far and very rewarding to give back to all the people living there. The residents of the home are excited to see us every week, they love telling us stories about their lives, playing trivia, and even throwing a ball around. Weekly service is a nice change up from the normal physically taxing sessions we have all week and gives us a chance to relax while giving back. This is going to be a great year and we have started off on the right foot, working hard on and off the field.

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