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Roemer: A Bright Future

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By: Colin Roemer

So the season has come and gone, an all too unfortunate ending for those involved with the program as we seemingly have just hit our stride, playing at the level we all knew we were capable of achieving.  A bittersweet ending for us seniors as we have endured a long and emotional four years full of ups and downs but also seemingly accomplished many of our goals this year such as setting this program in the right direction for the years to come. When our team was informed in the final weeks of last summer that we had found our new coach in Taylor Wray, we all knew that we were in for a major change.  Our seniors wanted to make sure that we set a standard for this program.  We wanted to be remembered as the class that began the transformation of Saint Joseph's Lacrosse.  Now that the season is complete, I can say with pride that our program is headed in the right direction.

Looking back at our year as a whole, our team meshed together better than any team I have ever had the privilege of being apart of. We were truly a team of characters, compiled of differing personalities that somehow found a way of working well together. By the end of our season we had earned 6 wins, which include an overtime win against Marist and our programs first ever CAA victory against Towson University.  Ending the season on a three-game win streak should help push the returning members of the program to work hard in the offseason, allowing them to reach higher goals next year.

Only time will tell if the standard that we tried to set for our program becomes the norm.  Only time will tell if all the work that we put forth this year will continue in the years to come, allowing Saint Joseph's Lacrosse to reach its potential and blossom into what we all have truly desired. I am truly honored to have been given an opportunity to be apart of this program. I, along with the members of my graduated class, look forward to watching this team develop and compete in years to come. With a great group of guys returning next season, matched with the effort I am sure they will put forth, the future looks extremely bright for Saint Joseph's Lacrosse.

Go Hawks!

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