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Wrublesky: Big Week Ahead

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Thumbnail image for Wrublesky_9694.JPGby Jen Wrublesky

Unfortunately we didn't get the outcome we wanted today against Temple, but overall our team played very well.  We played with a lot of heart and except for one lapse, we played the entire game.  It was a pretty well-matched game, and we had some close opportunities in our offensive circle.  Unfortunately we were unable to capitalize and put the ball in the net when we needed it most.

I am happy with our team's performance today.  We were focused and had more of an edge in our one-on-one match ups.  We also had some really nice moments of possession passing.  We can't hang our heads after today's performance since we have a tough week ahead and all but one of our conference games left.  We play Villanova Wednesday at home and although it's not an A-10 game, it is still one of the biggest games of the year.  After the Holy War on Wednesday, we have West Chester on Friday and La Salle on Sunday.  The A-10 season has just begun.  I think this heartbreaker has the potential to fire the team up for Wednesday.


Wrublesky: Temple Tomorrow!

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Wrublesky_9694.JPGby Jen Wrublesky

Tomorrow we play Temple and begin conference play!  We have had a pretty tough schedule this season, and a win is essential for not only our conference record and our path to the Atlantic 10 Championship, but also for team morale.  Both teams are coming off some pretty tough losses, which means that this game has even more at stake than the normal SJU-Temple rivalry. 

Our team goals for conference play include playing the full 70 minutes of a game, scoring first and scoring early, maintaining focus throughout the entire game, communication, and finding that "competitive edge."  Luckily our team is back in full force and recovered from some mid-season injuries.

This week at practice we concentrated on offense, perfecting our circle play, and working on our transitions.  Tuesday was a long day of practice out in the cold rain, but the team was very dedicated and remained focused throughout practice.  Wednesday was dedicated to competition and overtime play, and today we perfected our penalty strokes and corners.  

The mood on the team is one of excitement; the upperclassmen realize how much is at stake and how high the emotions will run tomorrow during the game.  It will be good for the freshmen to see how much A-10s mean and what our team is really all about.  Tomorrow will be a nice change to start out by playing Temple, rather than waiting to play them our last game of the regular season.  It is vital for our team to come out with a victory tomorrow, both for team morale and to start off with some forward momentum in the conference.  It is hard to believe that this is my last regular season game against Temple!  We just need to come out early and hard and not let up for even one minute against the Owls.

As Henry Ford said, "Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success."

Let's go Hawks!

Swanick: Fairfield Postgame, Looking Ahead to A-10 Play

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Thumbnail image for Swanick_9711.JPGby Kelly Swanick

Today's game was a tough loss, but all we can do is look forward from here.  The past ten games have technically been part of our season but our true season begins Friday; the Atlantic 10 schedule begins.  That means our record now is 0-0, we start fresh, and we have the capability to do great things from here on out.  Our schedule thus far has consisted of several nationally ranked teams, who although we have lost to, have only helped prepare us for Friday and for the rest of the season.

There is no point in dwelling on the past, what we could have or should have done. We have three practices coming up that are crucial to our mental and physical game in preparation for Temple on Friday. As a team we still need work on communication in all areas of the field as well as capitalizing and finishing in the circle.  Our A-10 season will not be easy; every single game is an obstacle and an opportunity for advancement to the A-10 tournament. I believe in this team and our capability to do great things in the games ahead.  This is our year to shine, as seven seniors start, and I believe we can make it happen!

Together We Soar,

Swanick: Heading to Fairfield

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by Kelly Swanick

October is here and Atlantic 10 season is rapidly approaching full force; where has the time gone?  I am very excited that we are traveling up to Connecticut on Saturday rather than just leaving Sunday; we have not been on a road trip since VCU, so everyone is excited to get away for a little. Saturday night's team dinner is also fun, especially if we go to Olive Garden (our favorite spot).

Sunday's game is a big game for us mentally, as it is also our last non-conference game before we play Temple next Friday. We have had a whole week of practice focusing on possession, defense on the entire field and communicating with each other. We have had some injuries catching up with the team this week, so it was great seeing the players that don't normally get to start really rise to the occasion and fill in the gaps.

I am a little nervous for the game on Sunday. I am excited to play, as we had the whole week off, but I think it is very important for the Hawks to get a win this weekend so we can begin A-10 play with a level of confidence in ourselves and each other.  We need to play strong and smart the entire 70 minutes for us to be successful.

School work is really beginning to pile up as midterms are just around the corner. It was nice this week having a regular practice schedule without midweek games to balance out the work load, but once A-10 games start, the craziness of missing classes and traveling begins. Fridays are going to be the worst; I think I am missing my 1:00 p.m. class every Friday in October.  Yikes!  Most teachers will work with you though if you give them notice in advance, which is extremely helpful.

This weekend Fairfield is hosting "Play 4 the Cure" for Breast Cancer Awareness, so as a team we will be making a donation and wearing pink warm-up shirts before the game.  We have never really done anything like this before, but I think it is a great idea and a nice way to support the cause.

Together We Soar,

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