Soaring with the Hawks
Courtesy: SJU Athletic Communications  
Release:  09/07/2006

Coming off three straight Atlantic 10 Championship appearances, the Saint Joseph's women's soccer team is poised to compete for its fourth conference tournament berth and the program's first A-10 title. This year, freshmen Sarah O'Malley and Lauren Sutcliffe will give a weekly inside look at the Hawks.

Sepetmber 5
It was the first day of classes, back from Labor Day weekend, for the students at St. Joe's, but for the women's soccer team today was the day for redemption. Just yesterday the team had learned that the game time against Lehigh was moved up three hours to 4:00 (The fact that we had had tropical storm, after hurricane, after tropical storm, made their game field unplayable, so we were moved to another field). So we all rolled out of bed to make it to as many classes as we could. I (Sarah) was one of the lucky ones who made it to all of my classes, but I had to sacrifice eating lunch. Lauren, however, had to re-schedule her biology lab for a later day.

After our classes, we made it to the bus and the company who delivers our lunch was late (I was a little upset and grouchy because I had not eaten since earlier that morning). After devouring my wrap, fruit, and chocolate chip bar, and a quick nap, we had arrived at Lehigh. (So far no rain!!) Dressed in our intimidating matching team gear, we all got out of the bus for motivation.

The imaginary soccer we had to play not only made us all laugh, but got us to focus on the task at hand: Playing our game of soccer and beating Lehigh. In two lines, the Hawks walked onto the grass field, and started the dynamic warm up. We then broke up into two teams and played different forms of possession and then broke down into forwards, midfielders, and defenders to mentally and physically prepare ourselves.

In the first half St.Joe's held strong defensively and created great opportunities up top.

Then Ali Wean broke free after possession by the Hawk's midfield and broke the deadlock. Unfortunately Lehigh quickly countered and scored twice themselves. The Hawks were not to be deterred however, and scored before half time to send the teams off with a score of 2-2.

The second half was all St. Joe's, but Lehigh was first on the scoreboard again. (Once again the rain had started up again.) We stayed calm and worked hard to fight back and tie the score at 3-3.

We then went into over time: Golden goal. In the first overtime the Hawks were able to take the win. Final score 4-3. It really felt good to win knowing that we could come back after every goal that was scored on us. We never once put our heads down. We then packed up and headed to the bus to go back to Hawk Hill.

- Sarah & Lauren

Friday, September 8
It was the first time we got to miss our classes, so naturally we told our teachers and found what we would be missing. On Friday morning Sarah and I got up bright and early and lugged two ridiculously heavy travel bags down to the field house around 6:45am. Halfway there we were seriously considering throwing out all of schoolbooks, just to get rid of the weight... but hey we are student athletes. We finally made it to the field house loaded our bags on the bus. Then Sarah and I put the balls on the bus, while Amy, Taylor, Danielle, and Megan put the cones pini's and uniform bag on the bus. After we got all of the equipment we headed on the bus to figure out our seats. Well we rather shared seats. Having the luxury of being a freshman, means sometimes not getting a whole seat to yourself. In order to make it fair the freshmen decided to change seats throughout the ride so that two people didn't have to be cramped for the whole ride. The trip flew by with the help of episodes of friends, naps, and making jokes with the other girls on the bus. As we drove through Boston, I couldn't keep my self from staring constantly out the window. I've never been there before, and I was so impressed with how beautiful and clean the city was.

Freshman Sarah O'Malley

When we got to our hotel, around 1:00pm we got our bags and were assigned roommates. The freshman was with seniors and the sophomores and juniors were together. I was rooming with Katie Mac, one of our captains, and Sarah was with Nancy Cook, one of our best forwards. We got up to our rooms unloaded our stuff and then met downstairs in the lobby with the team to go get some lunch. After lunch Katie and I went up to our rooms. We didn't need to meet with the team again until 3 for a snack, so I decide to do some statistic homework. To tell you the truth, being a bio major is not the easiest thing, let alone having that as your major and being on the soccer team. I have stuff to do for my classes constantly. After I caught up in statistics it was time to meet for our snack. We got our snack and were told to meet back there again at 5:30 to leave for the game. 5:30 came around and we got on the bus and left. We got to Boston University's field, and I was so nervous. Some girls on BU's team used to be on my club team as well as my high school team, so I was really excited to play against them. Before I knew it warm up was over and I was starting on the field. I was so nervous. BU was a very physical team, and we matched their physicality. Unfortunately we lost 3-1. We loaded back onto the bus and headed back to the hotel. When we got back to the hotel we had to take ice baths...yes ice baths. This was the most painful thing ever...but its worth it because it definitely regenerates your leg muscles after a tough game. And we needed to get our strength back for our game vs. Northeastern on Sunday.

Saturday, September 9th
Thankfully we were able to sleep in a little bit today. We got up at 9:30 for a 10:00 run. We ran for 20 minutes around the streets of Boston and then we grabbed some breakfast. After breakfast we had study hall for an hour and then we loaded on the bus again to go out for a team-bonding day...and what better way to do that then SHOPPING. We went to Newberry Street. It was awesome. It had thousands shops on either side of the street. After shopping we went to Cheers for lunch in the Quimbley's market. This market is one of the most famous tourist attractions because of the food and the stores. After lunch we shopped again for a little bit and then headed back on to the bus to go on a duck tour. Sarah and I were so excited. Duck tours are these tours that take you around the city through the streets and then take you into the it's basically a bus-boat. The ones in Philadelphia give you these quacker whistles that when you blow into them it makes a duck sound. Sarah and I were so bummed when we didn't get these on the Boston Duck tour. Anyways the tour was really great, besides not getting quackers. Our tour guide was really funny and knew a lot about the city. Just going on this tour makes you fall in love with Boston. After the duck tour we went back to Quimbley's market for dinner. After dinner we got on the bus and headed back to the hotel to get some sleep.

Sunday September 10th
We woke up around 10 and got breakfast together as a team downstairs in the hotel. After breakfast we packed up our things and loaded the bus to go to our game vs. Northeastern. We lost 2-1. We loaded backed onto the bus on last time to head home. The whole ride home I did homework and watched movies. Unfortunately we got stuck in some traffic and didn't get home till 10:30. Despite the two losses over the weekend, I felt that it was a great trip. There was a lot of team bonding, and the city of Boston was amazing.

- Lauren & Sarah