The Saint Joseph's women's soccer team is spending its 2017 Spring Break on a nine day tour of Italy. Along with sight seeing some of Italy's most famous attractions, the Hawks will play three international friendly matches versus European clubs. 

Along with sharing their experience on Twitter and Instagram, the Hawks are also keeping a journal below of each day's events.

Day 1
After much fundraising and anticipation, we finally are on our way to Italy! While Jess the trainer was loading bags onto the bus, the rest of us were waiting anxiously inside. Lots of traffic and lots of Taylor Ryan's sickness finally got us to the airport. Eight hours and some of Aimee's favorite airplane food later...we arrived in Italy! Woohoo!
- Grace Bendon and Aimee Manley

Day 2
On Sunday, we traveled to downtown city of Milan. Here we saw the Sforzesco Castle and the breathtaking Duomo. We all had free time to explore the city before leaving for the Inter Milan vs. Atlanta BC game. The game was held in the San Siro Stadium which can hold up to 80,000 fans. The atmosphere of the game was nothing we ever seen before. The winner of the game was Inter Milan, 7-1. We ended our night by traveling to our hotel in the Como area. Here we ate dinner and rested for the next day.  
- Hannah Racis and Taylor Ryan.

Day 3
Monday we travelled back to the city of Milan for our first guided walking tour. We learned about the history of the Sforzesco Castle and the Duomo Cathedral. After our tour, we had the chance to walk around and experience the city on our own, some girls trying new foods and others shopping till they drop! Next, we ventured over to the AC Milan museum to soak up the long and impressive history of the famous and beloved Serie A team. Our favorite part was definitely the trophy room. To finish the day, we had the opportunity to play against the local professional team, FC Como 2000 in a competitive friendly match; an experience we will never forget. You know what they say, DON'T pass the ball to the Italians!!
- Kylie D'Ambra and Dakota Mills

Day 4
On the fourth day, the team got to experience Lake Como. We took the funicular to the top of a mountain to see the incredible city from above. Next we took the hydrofoil to the beautiful city of Bellagio where we shopped, ate lunch, and probably took too many pictures. We were in awe of how breathtaking it was. From the cobblestone streets and colorful buildings to the backdrop of the Swiss Alps, Bellagio looked like a scene from a movie. It was definitely a day to remember, especially since George Clooney invited us to come back next year!
- Cameron Perrott and Erica Wallace

Day 5
Today was the fifth day of our trip. We traveled across the boarder from Italy into Lugano, Switzerland! While we drove through the city, mountains surrounded us on all sides. We got dropped off at the city square where we broke apart and explored the city, ate lunch, and took amazing pictures of the scenery. Aimee Manley put her Italian skills to the test when we got lost looking for a place to eat lunch! Our favorite part was either the homemade gelato and crepes (with Nutella of course!!) or the Swiss chocolate shop. Lastly, we had our second game of the trip against Real Meda where we tied 0-0, it was an awesome experience and a great game. We can not wait to travel to Verona tomorrow!
-Michaela Finneyfrock and Meghan DiPippa

Day 6
Today we ventured to the city of love -- Verona. We had the opportunity to visit Romeo and Juliet's houses, where there were love notes written all along the walls from people across the world. Through the streets there were market stands of homemade jewelry, pasta, clothing, and of course, food. We ate some delicious fruit, gelato, and finally found some cannolis! Since today was a travel day we didn't have much time to spend in Verona, but we still had a great time experiencing the beauty the city has to offer.
- Elke Cacchione and Gabrielle Vagnozzi

Day 7
Today SJU women's soccer woke up in the beautiful town of San Marino. We had breakfast at our hotel then soon after went on a guided walking tour of San Marino. We saw all sorts of different land marks inside the city and learned that San Marino isn't actually part of Italy. San Marino is a separate republic with its own private government. After the tour everyone was given free time for lunch and shopping until it was time to leave for the castle. At 1:45 the team hopped on our bus and drove over to a beautiful castle right outside of San Marino. We had a tour inside the castle and learned all about its history. We then came back and had free time to shop and eat gelato until dinner at 8 o'clock. It was a perfect day in the republic of San Marino for SJU women's soccer.
Bridget Galen and Lauren Dimes

Day 8
Today was the eighth day of our trip and last day touring Italy! It started with an early morning wake up as we left San Marino at 7:30 A.M to make our way to Venice. As we arrived, we boarded a boat to get to the island, as there is no direct land access or parking. Upon our arrival, we took a tour of the beautiful city. We traveled through the narrow pathways that were located under colorful apartment balconies. After our tour, we got to explore the great features that Venice has to offer. Many of us were able to experience gondola rides and continued our diets of pizza and pasta! After finishing up sightseeing and getting our last minute souvenirs, we headed back to the boat which dropped us off at our bus. We then regrouped to begin our journey back to Milan. We received a scrumptious dinner and plan on getting some rest before our flight in the morning.
Lindsay Walder and Jessica Volm