The Saint Joseph’s women’s rowing closed out the season at the 80th Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta on the Schuylkill River, by picking up a silver medal in the Third Varsity 8.

The Third Varsity 8 finished second to Bucknell to earn a medal for the second year in a row. SJU’s crew was made up of: c-Sarah Vest; 8- Sam O’Connell; 7- Kate LaCasse; 6- Steph Senatore; 5- Cassie Francis; 4- Jenna Koch; 3- Alyssa Vanni; 2- Nia Brumme; 1- Theresa Crosby

SJU’s Varsity 8 placed third in the Second Final behind Purdue and Washington College with a crew of: c- Jess Crosby; 8- Anne Monte; 7- Maria Biancaniello; 6- Cailin McCully; 5- Fiona Devine; 4- Dom Milillo; 3- Corinne O’Neill; 2- Shane Devine; 1- Natalie Simms

The Hawks’ Second Varsity 8 paced fourth in the meet, with a lineup of: c- Shannon Mulgrew; 8- Brianna Stone; 7- Rose Tavianini; 6- Olivia Sullivan; 5- Allie Howell; 4- Caroline Strauss; 3- Jennifer Raphaelson; 2- Katherine Robb; 1- Kerri Roman

Saint Joseph’s also boated a Varsity 4, but it did not advance to the Finals. The lineup was: c- Caitlin Kennedy; 4- Fiona McKee; 3- Demi Simms; 2-Kiernan Loue; 1- Sam Haines