Pep Band

The Saint Joseph's University Pep Band enters its 23rd year under the direction of Tim Laushey. Starting many years ago as just a "bass drum", the Pep Band has grown into a popular and respected group of musicians not only in the Atlantic 10 Conference, but through out the many venues that it has performed around the country. The "Hawk Band" has a unique make-up of SJU alumni, friends of the Hawks, and of course at the heart of the band, the students of Saint Joseph's.

The band has played its signature arrangement of the National Anthem on national television, and has had guest conductors such as former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and even the "Hawk" mascot himself. At the NCAA Tournament in Salt Lake City, NBA great Bill Walton, went out of his way to compliment the band.

During the men's basketball team's exciting run to the NCAA Elite 8 in 2004, the band was featured on local Philadelphia tv stations and even appeared in the Xbox game "March Madness 2005".

Playing at both men's and women's basketball games makes for a very demanding season, however it also promises a very exciting and emotional time for all involved.

Membership is open to any student, with consideration for their already busy schedules.  Basic knowledge of their instrument is required, and any student that needs an instrument can be helped.

Looking forward to yet another very exciting season on Hawk Hill, the Hawk Pep Band will be at the forefront to lead the charge of "The Hawk Will Never Die!"

To join the Pep Band, contact director Tim Laushey at: