2009 Saint Joseph's Baseball Media Guide

The 2009 Saint Joseph's baseball media guide is available for download. To download a specific section, click on the link for that section and then click "Complete Version." A dialog box will then allow you to save it to your computer.


Front Cover (35.8 MB)

Table of Contents, Season Outlook, Coaches, Home Fields (4.1 MB)

Players (97.4 MB)

2008 Year in Review (516 KB)

Atlantic 10, Philadelphia Baseball (1.2 MB)

2009 Opponents (2.4 MB)

Saint Joseph's Baseball History (2.9 MB)

Team Records and Awards (3.0 MB)

All-Time Roster, All-Time Results (5.1 MB)

Saint Joseph's University (5.6 MB)

Back Cover (46.2 MB)