PHILADELPHIA (2/13/04) - We wish to thank all of you for your enthusiasm and support. We are working very hard to make you proud.

We have received several hundred requests for team and/or individual autographs and have tried to accomodate as many as humanly possible. The time commitment has become overwhelming. A policy needs to be in place so the players can continue to prepare for each and every contest, study and fulfill their necessary academic requirements and have the opportunity to "enjoy" being a college student.

As of February 13, 2004, autographs will be signed for charities only. A written request must be made along with the item to be signed. We will sign the provided items on Feb. 20 and March 5. We are discussing the possibility of making the whole team available in another way to further accomodate some requests.

We thank you for your continued support. - Phil Martelli