Men's Cross Country - 2017 Record Book (Updated 10/5/17) Coaches/Sports Staff
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Glavin, Mike Administrator of Track and Field: 5th Year
Meyers, Teddy Assistant Coach
Amaral, Antonio Player
Angelina, Joey Player
Branco, Justin Player
Cassamajor, Drayk Player
Clark, Josh Player
Crilly, Collin Player
Daly, Jack Player
Dorsey, David Player
Dorsey, Kevin Player
Durante-Koller, Jake Player
Falzone, Brendan Player
Gallagher, Colin Player
Garton, Dave Player
Hannan, Riley Player
Hastie, Bobby Player
Higley, Tommy Player
Hutchison, Shawn Player
Leonard, Eddie Player
Macpherson, Jimmy Player
Macpherson, Sean Player
Michon, Zach Player
Mink, Dan Player
Morelli, Anthony Player
Morris, Harrison Player
Mullin-Garcia, Matthew Player
Myers, Andrew Player
Parker, Colin Player
Podles, John Player
Price, Brendan Player
Princivalle, Sean Player
Roberts, Christian Player
Savage, Dan Player
Scarpill, Matthew Player
Sponaugle, Will Player
Steinhoff, George Player
Walker, John Player